WAVS Review

Parallel – Atlas Greene is a rapper based in Chicago reminiscent of Raury, this particular album having a feel of Jazz Cartier & Joey Bada$$. His storytelling is gripping & relatable, as this album is based around college experiences & how he’s navigating his emotions & dealing with stress during this time. I would also compare his music to that of Lil Pain, Kilo Kish & Bobby Raps solely based on how the lyrical content of each song bounces of the heavy beats, practically rendering them bass ballads.

Precis – Strong emotion that makes you really listen is felt through the songs “You Don’t” & “Exits”, while “Live from Lithonia” describes his most immediate worries & how they could manifest to future woes. “Mangos” is a hustling anthem, with the phrase ‘riding through the streets tryina get it, tryina get it’ as the hook riding the production, which offers a hard hitting progression that’s sure to get your head bobbing. This album also has a 90’s nostalgia atmosphere, just as most of what hip hop street culture is peddled as in mainstream media.

Vibe – Perfect for night drives during rain season & also great a great album to send to someone feeling overwhelmed by student life & needs to be assured that they’re not alone.


Atlas Greene also has an album called Sweaters & Cigarettes which you can download on Audiomack

Listen to No Money on Soundcloud


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