WAVS Review

Parallel – Artists such as Koreless, Holy Other, Burial, Spooky Black and especially Mount Kimbie (maybe even Darq E Freaker if his work was chopped and screwed) come to mind when describing the music of Strange New Generation, solely based on atmosphere and ambient quality. They liken themselves to acts such as Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, Alabama Shakes, and Soul Section, while drawing their inspiration from seasonal TV Shows and director Nabil’s creations.

Precis – Other than what’s been mentioned above, their sound is incomparable – music for the depressed and whoever can find beauty in the sounds offered in these 3 young men’s art. Tracks such as “Pizza & Cheap Vodka” and “Trippy Love Letter” show their production prowess and have a subdued mood which translates throughout the whole album. “Gooli”, a piano masterpiece that Sampha would appreciate, acts as an interlude to the smooth “I Know” that can have you floating (Listen here).

Vibe – Dope for if you’re feeling sad and want to be even sadder. Great for night drives, background music for an underground art gallery, and a chilled night in a garden (around some loose leaves) with close homies.

You can catch these guys at WOKE Arts JHB on the 30th of April.


Strange New Generation on Youtube

Strange New Generation on Twitter

Strange New Generation on Facebook

Meraki on Soundcloud (Also available on iTunes)

We Should on Soundcloud


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