WAVS Review

Parallel – Jocker’s sound is one you would expect to hear at the end of a turn up at a homie’s place; new school South African hip hop with that chilled Pretoria swag. His production is akin to Roy Woods, with a hint of JODY (while they were working with The-Drum). Jocker ‘s management Club Soda make a variety of hip hop sounds, with artists such as Soba, where you can really hear each others’ influence on each others albums.

Precis – Drawing inspiration from Nasty C, Jocker’s local sound is on trend with style including Pretoria vernacular in his lyrics. His most popular song Special Girl made him known in Pretoria North, gaining momentum for the release of his new song Fourteen which came out earlier this month. As always, the mellow beat provides a platform for his punchline rhymes.

Vibe – Great for when you’re just chilling & smoking, or having a small gathering with like-minded friends.


Look out for Jocker’s new mixtape, CIG:AM, dropping on the 2nd of June (02/06/2017)

Jocker on Instagram

Jocker on Soundcloud



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