Wallflower EP – TVH

Precis – TAH, stylised as TVH, is back with a bang, giving WAVS an exclusive of this concise & well-executed EP on our first anniversary. The overall spacey & ambient quality of the collection is right up my alley; mood music with a hard bassline & kick. When Frank Ocean said “… sounds make you cry, some nights you dance with tears in your eyes”, he was forseeing this EP in my life.

Abstract from Thread Imprint (record label):

“Wallflower is the debut project from TAH on Thread Imprint after his 3 year hiatus from music. Built on foundations of Brick City (or Jersey) Club music, the projects sounds draw influences from a range of inspirations.
In “I Gets Down” one can hear organs and breaks reminiscent of Jersey Garage house morphed into a deconstructed bass blast. The low-end continues to drive on “Work Dat” where the producer lays a consistent heavy groove bassline juxtaposed with minute percussion, contrasting highs and lows while giving space for the dancer/listener to move in between. Rounding out the tape is “Get Deez”, an experimental and ambient production which shows his affinity for sound design. All in all the “Wallflower” provides a minimal yet compelling dancing fuel inside and outside the club.”

Parallel – This project in particular gives me Moire meets Dean Blunt if DJ Sliink & Nadus took them through a tour of the New Jersey Club scene. “GetDeez” is more experimental if we’re talking genre, but it’s still very much a club track. “I Gets Down” has the distinct Jersey kick-drum sequence, that progression that’s sure to get your chest moving like there’s an ice box where your heart used to be. “Work Dat” is a grimey dance bop which sounds, almost completely, like a faster Gqom beat (the raw South African House Music that’s been steadily rising to the mainstream from the Durban underground). A favourite off the EP, “Work Dat” gets a super sultry, slightly Jersier remix from Bosstone sure to get you moving. A bonus track “Hot Pum Pum” is the perfect mix of warped bassline, Jersey kick, & a synth heavy sample loop of what “this pussy” will do.

Vibe – This EP is perfect for a late night solo study session or cruising on an empty, sparsely-lit highway. It’d also fit in perfectly to a good twerk/workout playlist, as well as getting circles opened on the dance floor.


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The Best Is Yet To Come EP – Amxgelang

WAVS Review

Parallel – Amxgelang, or known by his old high school mates as astroxillest, is a lo-fi, soulful jazz producer from Krugersdorp. His sound is one capable of intoxicating you with its heavy & emotionally laced bass lines & looped harmonies. He likens his productions to his idols Ye (Kanye West) & Knxwledge (evident in both sound & stage moniker), while also inspired by TK Mogotsi, Cidex Films, Malum’ Metro, Saj & many of his peers. Amxlegang also looks up to (the old) Riky, Hxrvlo, MBD, & Kid ‘Flacko.

Precis – The intro track to this particular EP , “Cinematic Scores & Film Credits” definitely sets pace for this body of work. The track is layered with chopped & screwed samples looped over a hard hitting 808, paving way for the next track, “Great As Omari” which sounds like a picturesque sunset. The current recurring theme for this Zeitgeist seems to be nostalgia, so the track “Nostalgia” has to get an honourable mention too. The song itself feels shorter than the rest, even though the EP contains songs with 2 minute play time, adding to the overall nostalgic feel of the song.

Personally, I enjoy how repetition of sound is heavily evident throughout the EP, as Amoxgelang’s production process relies on iteration until he genuinely enjoys the final product.

Vibe – This is a very chill EP overall. Definitely music for earphones, lazy days & solo missions.


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